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What is ‘RECO Manager Plus?’ and what can I do with it?

RECO Manager Plus is a new edition of our previous RECO Manager, which is upgraded with 1) Real-Time BLE beacon scanning and 2) Real-Time Management features.
(All the previously existing RECO Manager’s features remain the same.)

1. Real Time Scanning
RECO Manager Plus can scan all the nearby BLE beacons regardless of the beacon manufacturer and beacon formats (i.e. iBeacon or Eddystone) once in every 5 seconds, and can send the scan results to user’s server. With this, you can search and scan ANY beacon — whether it is stationary (that is, beacons installed in a fixed location) or moving — so that you can track and find lost items, or even prevent the loss even before it happens.
(Note: The scanning function is compatible with beacons from any make; however, ‘Real-Time Management (i.e. remote beacon value configuration)’ is only compatible with RECO Beacons now.)

1-1. Real Time Scanning – Report
RECO Manager Plus can report on Appear, Disappear, All status result of nearby BLE beacons once in every 5 seconds.
.Appear: Shows newly-scanned beacons during the last 5-second scan period
.Disappear: Shows disappeared beacons – previously scanned but disappeared during the last 5-second scanning period
.All: Shows all scanned beacons within the last 5-second scanning period (including existing and newly scanned beacons)

1-2. Real Time Scanning – Flitering
RECO Manager Plus can ‘filter’ and show results as below:
.RECO only/All: Shows nearby RECO Beacons scan results, or all beacon scan results
.Beacon UUID (in iBeacon mode): RECO Manager Plus can scan beacons broadcasting iBeacon signals and filter results by UUID and Major values
.Beacon UID filter (in Eddystone mode): When scanned beacons broadcast Eddystone-UID signal, RECO Manager Plus can scan and filter results by UID and values

2. Real Time Management
RECO Manager Plus can remote manage beacons via RECO Member Center.
(Note: This feature is only compatible with RECO Beacons. Beacons from other make can only be scanned with RECO Manager Plus as of now. )
.Scan and register beacons: Just as RECO Manager, RECO Manager Plus can search/scan nearby beacons and register them to Member Center
.Monitor beacon operation status: RM+ can monitor remaining battery level, iBeacon/Eddystone mode, signal strength and interval of nearby beacons on real-time basis
.Remote beacon configuration: Without having to manually connect to each beacon, you can configure multiple beacons via RECO Member Center at once
.Problem report via email: You can receive email alerts when beacon signal is lost or when the battery has run out