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Return, Exchange Policy and Warranty.

* For full documentation of Return/Exchange Policy and Warranty, please refer to our Terms and Conditions‘s Section II. PRODUCTS – 7. Cancellations; Rejections; Refunds & 8. Warranty, and Warranty info on our Member Center.

In order to submit your concerns or inquiries on return/exchange, please fill out the form at reco2.me/contact.

You may attach screenshot of our tools (e.g.: Member Center or Configuration App) or picture of malfunctioning hardware.

1. For defects and malfunctioning of RECO products (i.e. inability to scan beacons, operation error in RECO Beacon/Manager ,etc.) you are eligible for return or exchange within 30 days from date receiving the RECO Product(s). Shipping cost for both ways (shipping to and from us)

You will be excluded from return or exchange service when the hardware damage, modification, fault or failure were caused due to alteration or repairs made by anyone other than Us, or the use of supplies and accessories other than those manufactured by Us.

2. If you received RECO Product(s) and changed your mind, and do not want them anymore, you may return them to us ONLY WITHIN 7 DAYS from the date you received the product. Shipping cost in this case should be handled by you.


3. Product Warranty is one year from the date you received the product(s).

For more details, please refer to the Warranty section on our Member Center at: https://member.reco2.me/warranty.