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Monitoring, Ranging isn’t working

If you have…
iPhone5 or higher with iOS7
1) Reboot the device.
2) Check if ‘location services’ is allowed in the Settings.
3) Check if the app’s ‘background app refresh function’ is “on” in the Settings.

Android 4.3 or higher
1) Check if the device OS is 4.3 or higher
2) Check if the device has a BLE module
3) Reboot the device
For some devices, the Bluetooth signal can only be received once per second.*

* Some devices does not scan after an initial scan.
In order to keep sacnning, you should use the setDiscontinuousScan method.

RECO SDK and sample project support all devices with BLE.
However, please be aware that there always can be an exception depending on device, OS, or carrier.

FYI) The list of devices that passed RECO sample project compatibility are:
Samsung Galaxy Note2(SM-E250L), Samsung Galaxy Note3(SM-N900L), Samsung Galaxy S3(SHV-E210S),
Samsung Galaxy S4(SHV-E300L), LG Optimus Vu2(LG-F200L), LG Optimus G Pro(LG-F240L), LG Vu3(LG-F300L), LG Gx(LG-F310L), LG G2(LG-F320L), LG G Pro2(LG-F350L), LG G3(LG-F400L), Huawei X3(HW-H60-J1)

These following devices no longer had the “scanning issues” after application of setting setDiscontinuousScan(true).
Vega Secret Note(IM-A890L), Vega Secret UP(IM-A900L), Vega Iron2(IM-A910L), LG Optimus G(LG-F180L)

NOTE) The result may vary depending on the service carrier as well. RECO Team tested the above devices with LG U+ carrier.

Please refer to the “Notes on Development” section of the documentation for more details.