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How long does the battery last?

1. RECO Beacon’s Battery Life
RECO Beacon can operate longer than 1 year with a small coin battery because it sends beacon signals for short amount of time, and hibernates for the majority of the time.

(RECO Beacon operates with a single coin battery: CR 2450)

However, the battery life may vary depending on how it is being used.

A. With a stronger signal, or shorter signal interval, the battery will run out more quickly.

B. If you modify beacon values too frequently, it will cause a battery to run out more quickly. As changed setting values are being applied to RECO Beacons, Beacons will exchange more signals with smart devices with the Configuration Utility.

C. When the temperature is lower, the remaining battery level may shown lower than its actual battery level. The Configuration Utility shows battery level based on the voltage — and the battery voltage may show lower than its actual level when the temperature is low. (Coin battery’s voltage tend to decrease at lower temperature, but the actual battery level is not affected).

2. How to replace RECO Beacon’s battery

Open the back cover of RECO Beacon with a cross driver, take out the PCB chip, and then replace the coin battery on the back side.
Make sure the battery is secured well.